What and where can I recycle?

The City of Elbow Lake is part of the Grant County Curbside Recycling program. This is a Single Sort Recycling (SSR) program in which materials are comingled into one bin without the bothersome task of bundling and sorting. When you sign up for Elbow Lake Utilities (water & sewer, electricity, and garbage) you will receive two containers. One will be for regular household garbage. The second container will have gray cover and it is for the single sort, curbside recycling. The City of Elbow Lake’s Curbside SSR schedule is the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Please set out your Recycling Bin (the bin with the GREY lid) by 6:30 a.m. on the pick-up days.

If you have excess recycling that does not fit into your recycling bin, you can bring these items to the Elbow Lake Recycling Trailers site located on 3rd St SE, Elbow Lake across form the Grant County Recycling Center.

Acceptable items to recycle in the SSR programs are: Plastic Bottles (#1-7); Brown Paper Bags; Magazines; Office Paper and/or junk mail; Newspapers: Glass Bottles & Jars (rinsed and lids removed); Milk, Soup, Broth Cartons and Juice Boxes; Cardboard-flattened cardboard, box board, cake, cereal, beer and pop boxes, , etc.; Tin, Aluminum or Steel cans-also includes foil & trays. Rinsed & crushed, Phone Books.

Please see the Grant County website for additional details.

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