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Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please call us at 218-685-4483.

Community & Housing

Yes! We have a variety of spaces that you can request:

Sanford Room
Approximate number of people: 100 to 150. The room has a full kitchen, LCD projector and large pull-down screen, surround sound with a microphone. ADD:  Banquet-style tables and chairs.  $50 fee for the room only or $65 fee for room and kitchen.  No charge for non-profit groups.

Goetzinger Room
Approximate number of people: 50.  Large open wall for display and for LED projector display; a whiteboard; banquet-style tables and chairs. $40 fee.  No charge for non-profit groups.

Swanson Room
Approximate number of people: 30. Room has a sink, counter space, Large open wall for display and LED projector display; a whiteboard; round tables, banquet-style tables, and chairs.  $30 fee. No charge for non-profit groups. 

You can check out our Community Services page. You may also call the Elbow Lake City offices at 218-685-4483 or e-mail: [email protected].

You may also want to check out the local newspaper, the Grant County Herald’s website. A copy of the weekly Grant Herald newspaper is available at Thorson Memorial Public Library.
Another source of info is the Elbow Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 218-685-5380

Check out websites such as or

Another option is to check out the local newspaper, the Grant County Herald. Information is also available through the Grant County Housing Redevelopment Authority call 218-685 8240.

Contact the City Offices in person at 117 Central Ave N, Elbow Lake, MN 56531 (at the north end of the Elbow Lake Community Building) or by phone 218-685-4483.  See the fee schedule for rental fees. Rooms are available at no charge to non-profit groups.

Garbage & Recycling

Yes, you can at the Grant County Recycling Center – located at 310 3rd St SE, Elbow Lake, MN 56531. Call 218-685-6273 for hours. This site accepts fluorescent bulbs, appliances, metals, used oil, oil filters, and antifreeze.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days are held monthly, with a Special Collection date in the Fall. Contact the Grant County Solid Waste Department at 218-685-8240 for details of what is collected on at each of the scheduled dates.

The city picks them up from your curb the first week in January. Look for the notice in the Grant County Herald, The City’s website and Facebook page.

New residents contact the Elbow Lake City Office to sign up and to arrange for garbage containers. This can be done in a variety of ways: (1) in person at the City Offices located at 117 Central Ave N, Elbow Lake, MN 56531. Enter at the northwest end of the Elbow Lake Community Building; or (2) by phone at 218-685-4483, or (3) by e-mailing: [email protected].

Garbage pickup is on Tuesday morning. Have garbage set out by 7:00 a.m.
For garbage that does not fit into your garbage container you may purchase special bags at the Elbow Lake City Office located at 117 Central Ave N, Elbow Lake, MN 56531 at the north end of the Elbow Lake Community Building. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please check for holiday hours.

The City of Elbow Lake is part of the Grant County Curbside Recycling program. This is a Single Sort Recycling (SSR) program in which materials are comingled into one bin without the bothersome task of bundling and sorting. When you sign up for Elbow Lake Utilities (water & sewer, electricity, and garbage) you will receive two containers. One will be for regular household garbage. The second container will have gray cover and it is for the single sort, curbside recycling. The City of Elbow Lake’s Curbside SSR schedule is the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Please set out your Recycling Bin (the bin with the GREY lid) by 6:30 a.m. on the pick-up days.

If you have excess recycling that does not fit into your recycling bin, you can bring these items to the Elbow Lake Recycling Trailers site located on 3rd St SE, Elbow Lake across form the Grant County Recycling Center.

Acceptable items to recycle in the SSR programs are: Plastic Bottles (#1-7); Brown Paper Bags; Magazines; Office Paper and/or junk mail; Newspapers: Glass Bottles & Jars (rinsed and lids removed); Milk, Soup, Broth Cartons and Juice Boxes; Cardboard-flattened cardboard, box board, cake, cereal, beer and pop boxes, , etc.; Tin, Aluminum or Steel cans-also includes foil & trays. Rinsed & crushed, Phone Books.

Please see the Grant County website for additional details.

The yard waste (leaves and grass clippings) disposal site is located across the street from the Grant County Highway Department on 3rd St SE. Please only dispose of organic matter – NO plastic bags, boxes, etc. 

Disposal of tree branches and garden refuse is at the City of Elbow Lake Brush Dump Site.

Driving Directions: Go 3 .25 miles east of Elbow Lake on US Hwy 79, Turn South on 157th Ave and continue for 1 mile. Dump location will be on your left. Please use this area responsibly and only dispose of trees, brush and yard waste at this site.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Construction refuse, concrete, plastic materials, or bags, etc. This site is for Elbow Lake City residents only.
Google Maps Location


Yes, you can, but please keep in mind the guidelines which are in place in our City Ordinances: Chapter 72: Parking. Some specifics include: (1) No automobiles, machinery, or other implements may be parked on a public street within the corporate limits of the city for more than 24 consecutive hours. (2) Every vehicle parked upon any city street with a curb shall be parked parallel to, with the right-hand wheel of the vehicle within 12 inches from the curb. On other streets, a vehicle shall be parked to the right of the main traveled portion, and parallel to, and in a manner that will not interfere with the free flow of traffic.

You may NOT park: on a sidewalk; within 10 feet of a fire hydrant; within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection; for camping purposes, leave or park a house trailer on any street or the right-of-way; or for a vehicle of more than one ton capacity or an overall length of more that 18 feet on nay of the streets as designated by the Council.

For additional details, please see the full ordinance Chapter 72: Parking in the City Ordinance portion of the website.

Streets: In most instances, the city does the snow removal before 8 am.
Sidewalks: Per City Ordinance 90.1: Property owners and occupants of a property adjacent to a public sidewalk must remove snow and ice within 24 hours of the deposit of the snow and/or ice. It is important to keep the walk safe for pedestrians at all times of the year.

After a storm, you can place downed branches and tree limbs on the boulevard for pick up by city maintenance. Please cut branches/tree limbs into manageable pieces (6 foot to 8-foot lengths) and pile all branches facing the same way. This will help make the pick-up and chipping process most efficient.

Additional FAQs

Contact the City Office by phone 218-685-4483 or e-mail: [email protected] to inform them of the location.

Call the Sheriff’s office at 218-685-8280. You may also contact the Grant County Humane Society at 218-685-6220 to see if your dog or cat has been dropped off.  The Grant County Humane Shelter is located at 1015 State Hwy 79 E, Elbow Lake, MN 56531

Your Elbow Lake Utility Bill includes: electric, water and sewer, garbage, recycling, and storm water.

Hydrants are flushed in the spring and fall. Watch for notifications on the Elbow Lake City Website and the Elbow Lake Municipal Power Facebook Page.

There are several ways for you to conveniently pay your utility bill:

(1) By mail in return envelope sent with your bill.
(2) On-line at
(3) At the City Offices located at 117 Central Ave N, Elbow Lake, MN 56531 (at the north end of the Elbow Lake Community Building).
(4) In the drop box outside of the city offices. (5) Mailed to: City of Elbow Lake, PO Box 1079, Elbow Lake, MN 56531.

All eligible voters living within the city limits of Elbow Lake vote at the Elbow Lake Community Building located at 17 Central Ave N, Elbow Lake, MN 56531

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