Chapter 73: Snowmobiles

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73.01 Restricted operations
73.02 Responsibility


No snowmobile shall be operated within the city limits unless the operation is in compliance
with all of the following regulations.
(A) No snowmobile shall be operated on any city street, road or highway in excess of a
speed of ten mph.
(B) No person shall operate or ride in or on a snowmobile or any sled attached thereto on
any street, road or highway without wearing a safety helmet of suitable construction to withstand
head injury in the event of an accident and no operator of a snowmobile shall permit any person
to ride without complying with this section.
(C) A complete stop shall be made at all intersections before entering intersection.
(D) No snowmobile shall be operated between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m., except
on Saturday and Sunday, when no operation shall be permitted from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.
(E) No snowmobile shall be operated at or upon any of the following:
(1) On any public sidewalk;
(2) On the private property of another without first obtaining permission therefor from
the owner thereof;
(3) Within 100 feet of any skating rink or sliding area, where the operation would
conflict with use or endanger other persons or property;
(4) Upon the city airport; or
(5) On the school grounds unless authorized by the School Board.
(F) There shall be no operation in violation of state law or in violation of any regulation of
the Department of Natural Resources.
(Ord. 131, passed 2-5-73; Am. Ord. 154, passed 3-14-79) Penalty, see ‘ 70.99


The operator of any snowmobile shall be deemed the agent of the owner thereof and the
owner shall be responsible in the event of any violation of this chapter, if driven with the owner’s
permission, knowledge or consent, the same as if the owner was operating the machine.
(Ord. 131, passed 2-5-73; Am. Ord. 154, passed 3-14-79)

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