Chapter 72: Parking Regulations

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72.01 General prohibitions
72.02 Time periods; authority to tow and the like


(A) Every vehicle parked upon any street with a curb shall be parked parallel thereto, with
the right-hand wheel of the vehicle within 12 inches from the curb; provided however, that the
Street Commissioner, with the approval, may designate certain streets for diagonal parking. On
other streets, a vehicle shall be parked to the right of the main traveled portion thereof, and
parallel thereto, and in a manner that it shall not interfere with the free flow of traffic.
(B) This shall not apply however to any disabled vehicle upon any street, but every police
officer of the city is authorized to require the person in charge thereof to move it to a place of
safety and, upon failure or neglect to do so, or in the case of a vehicle being left alone or
abandoned in a position, the officer is authorized to provide for the removal of the vehicle to the
nearest convenient garage or other place of safe-keeping.
(C) No person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand, whether attended or unattended,
upon any highway or street within the city, in any of the following places:
(1) On a sidewalk;
(2) In front of a public or private driveway;
(3) Within an intersection;
(4) Within ten feet of a fire hydrant;
(5) On a crosswalk;
(6) Within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection;
(7) Within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad or railroad crossing;
(8) Within 20 feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station;
Emergency Management
8 Elbow Lake – Traffic Code
(9) Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when the stopping or
standing or parking would obstruct traffic;
(10)On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street,
except when attended, with the motor running and a driver occupying the drivers seat, but in no
case for a period longer than three minutes;
(11)At any place where official signs prohibit stopping;
(12)For camping purposes, leave or park a house trailer on any street or the right-ofway thereof; and/or
(13)For a vehicle of more than one ton capacity or an overall length of more than 18
feet on any of the streets as designated by Council.
(Ord. 80, passed 2-6-50) Penalty, see ‘ 70.99


(A) No person or persons, copartnership or corporation shall place, store or park any
automobiles, machinery or other implements on the public street within the corporate limits of
the city for more than 24 consecutive hours.
(B) (1) The police of the city have authority to tow away, by use of a public truck or
wrecker, any vehicles or other implements violating this section to the nearest available facility
for storage of the vehicle or other implement; the towing and storage to be at the expense of the
owner of the vehicle or other implement.
(2) The city, its employees, agents and representatives shall not be legally liable for
carrying out the enforcement of this section, nor for damage to the vehicle or other implement
caused by its owner or the wrecker or truck towing the vehicle or other implement.
(Ord. 49, passed 6- -26; Am. Ord. 151, passed 2-6-78) Penalty, see ‘ 70.99

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