Chapter 150: Building Regulations; Construction

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150.01 Overhangs, signs and pillars
150.02 Moving buildings
Fire Limits; Prevention, see Ch. 93


(A) The construction of overhangs, the hanging of signs and the placing of pillars or other
construction over or on sidewalks and other public property in the city shall be permitted; provided,
however, that the construction and hanging be first approved by the Planning Commission and the City
(B) If permission is granted, as provided in division (A) above, then the owner of the adjoining
premises upon which the items are attached shall assume all liability for any and all claims of any and all
kinds whatsoever arising from the items and shall hold the city harmless in the event any claim of any kind
is presented against the city because of the items and this provision shall be a covenant running with the
land so as to bind all future owners of the premises.
(C) All items described in divisions (A) and (B) above, which are in place at the time of the passage of
this section, shall be deemed to have been permitted by the Planning Commission and City Council;
provided, however, that if they are continued after the passage of this section, then the owner of the
premises to which they are attached, shall be deemed to have accepted the conditions set forth in division
(B) above.
(Ord. 145, passed 5-3-76) Penalty, see § 10.99


(A) No building or structure of any type shall be moved into, out of or within the city before the owner
thereof shall have first secured a permit therefor, as provided in division (B) below.
(B) The permit set forth in division (A) above shall be applied for in writing by the owner of the
building or structure sought to be moved, which the application shall set forth in detail a description of the
building or structure to be moved, the location it is to be moved from and to, the date or dates upon which
the mowing operations will take place, the route over which it is to be moved, the manner in which it is to
be moved and the reasons for the moving. This application shall be presented to the City Council, in
regular meeting assembled, and if the permit is granted, it shall be upon the terms and conditions, as to
them, seems for the best interests of the welfare, safety and health of the community.
(C) This section is declared to be a health and safety measure.
(Ord. 97, passed 4-3-61) Penalty, see § 10.99

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