City of Elbow Lake Year 2019 Fee Schedule

All fees are payable at the Elbow Lake City Offices
City Offices located at 117 Central Ave N, Elbow Lake, MN 56531 (at the north end of the Elbow Lake Community Building)
Mailing Address:  City of Elbow Lake, PO Box 1079, Elbow Lake MN 56531
Phone:  218-685-4483 E-mail:

$50.00     Animal pickup fee by E.L.Police Dept. for animals brought to the Grant County Humane Society.
$10.00     Dog or cat license
$10.00     Chicken permit

Community building rooms rentals

$65.00 Sanford room with kitchen
$50.00 Sanford room only
$40.00 Goetzinger room
$30.00 Swanson room

City Parks

$25.00 picnic shelter
$25.00 stage
$20.00 concession stand 

Zoning permit

$ 50.00 standard permit
$100.00 moving permit
$100.00 demolition permit
$100.00 interim use permit
$125.00 special use permit
$100.00 variance hearing (regular council meeting)
$225.00 variance hearing (special council meeting)
$100.00 “Special” Planning Commission meeting held for       permit consideration (not a regular meeting)
$25.00 connection fee to city water line
$175.00 curb valve fee for city water line
$100.00 connection fee to city sewer line

City license fees

$1,000.00 liquor license
$100.00 off sale liquor license
$100.00 Sunday liquor license
$25.00 on sale beer license
$25.00 off sale beer license
$2.00 pool table license
$5.00 game of skill license (video games)

City Equipment rental fees

$175.00/hr. street sweeper
$150.00/hr. sewer jetter
$90.00/hr. John Deere Loader

Airport hanger rentals

$1,380.00/yr. all units (new T hanger)
$840.00/yr. small hanger units (old T hanger)
$960.00/yr. large hanger units (old T hanger)

Grant County Food Shelf

$150.00/mth. rental received